There is a lot of confusion out there as to whether or not pizza originated from China.

Marco Polo
Tomato in Italy

History of Tomato in Italy

This website has cleared up all of the fake rumors that pizza originated from China. Here is another bit of evidence.

The main ingredient on a pizza is its pizza sauce -- made primarily of tomatos and spices. The first use of the word "tomato" in English was in 1595 when it appeared in print. Tomatos are a fruit native to South America and was not brought to Europe until about the year 1600. It was considered dangerous and lethal to consume so most Europeans did not eat it.

Italy was the first country to cultivate this and eat it.

Marco Polo died in 1324. So how could he have invented the pizza as we know it today when the tomato did not even come to Italy until about another 300 years. It is just a coincidence that spaghetti and noodles have the same shape. And that pizza being attributed to him is just something fun for people to say.