There is a lot of confusion out there as to whether or not pizza originated from China.

Marco Polo
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Did Marco Polo Bring Back Pizza from China

As per our article on whether pizza's origin is from China, you would know we have not been able to find any credible evidence supporting the fact that pizza came from China.

Whether you're doing a book report or heard that pizza came from China, it really is just heresay. Marco Polo is credited by some as having brought back the concept of the pizza from China. If you search for "Marco Polo Pizza", you will get a large bloc of listings for restaurants. But no evidence of where and how he found out about it or what he wrote about it.

Here is what was written in the Southern Nazarene University website:

Didn't Marco Polo bring back spaghetti to Italy from China? (source)
Italian spaghetti is similar to Chinese noodles, giving rise to the popular theory that Marco Polo did indeed bring back the art of pasta-making from China in the 13th century. However, another story has it that pasta was imported to Italy in the fifth century by fierce Germanic barbarians. And there are other legends of how pasta reached Italy and captured the imagination of the Italians. However it happened, though, it was the Italians who took this potentially drab noodle and transformed it into a culinary art form which today enjoys an interna international reputation.