There is a lot of confusion out there as to whether or not pizza originated from China.

Marco Polo
Tomato in Italy

Origin of Pizza - China?

Here is the explanation people will give you that spaghetti did come from China.

  1. It was the European presentation of noodles.
  2. Marco Polo brought with him what was a flat bread that could be considered some manifestation of the current pizza.
  3. The thing is the pizza with its tomato sauce and cheese were Italian in origin but the concept that Polo had created came from China.

Wikipedia, however, gives no reference to China being the ones who created it. They explain the term "pizza" came from the word "pita" which is Mediterranean / Middle Eastern in origin. They said the first use of the word pizza comes from Medieval Latin in 997 -- many many years before Marco Polo was born.

Critics will say that Marco Polo's manuscripts which are credited for the discovery was misinterpreted.

"While many believe that spaghetti (or even pasta in some accounts) originated in China (where long thin noodles have a lengthy history), some now assert that the reading of a lost Marco Polo manuscript which led to this belief, was in fact an inaccurate Latin translation. Historically people in Italy ate pasta in the form of gnocchi-like dumplings – pasta fresca eaten as soon as it was prepared. It has now been asserted that the Arabs who populated Southern Italy (around the 12th Century) were the first to develop the innovation of working pasta from grain into thin long forms, capable of being dried out and stored for months or years prior to consumption (see Peter Robb's Midnight in Sicily pp 94-96 for details). Legend has it that Cicero, the famous Roman orator was fond of "laganum", an ancient tagliatelle. Some even say that even the ancient Greeks were fond of pasta. The Saracens invaded southern Italy in the 9th. century and had occupied Sicily for 200 hundred years. The Saracens were originally from North Africa. Some say that it was the Saracens who were responsible for the evolution of pasta in Italy. Pasta, although now being associated with the Italians as a whole, has its origin in the South. The popularity of pasta spread to whole of Italy after the setting up of pasta factories way back in the 19th. century and thus, this had enabled the mass production of pasta for the Italian market." - Unknown source.

Suffice to say that according to all of this evidence (heresay), it seems most likely that pizza was developed naturally in Italy from Arabs in the 12th century, not from China. I have scoured the web for ANY single credible source willing to say pizza came from China and I could not find it.

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